Enhance your Customer Service Efficiency with Chat.

Message your customers in simpler steps and know exactly what they want.

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Don’t Make your Customers Wait Anymore

Reply faster to your customers via chat and let them get connected to your brand

Real time Conversation

Get one-on-one conversation with customers through real-time chatting and messages.

Provide Higher Response Rate

Increase response to your customers. Assign chats to your teammates and relax.

Avoid Repetition

Save time by automated messages to your customers and provide them with instant help.

Expand your capabilities with our versatile chat service.

Get the most out of your customer interactions with our innovative chat service.


Time to chat instantly-let's open a live chat.

Communication is key in any successful business, and real-time live chat makes it easy. Connect with your customers instantly, answer their questions, and provide exceptional service.

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Engage customers with personalized chat visuals.

Personalized chat visuals.

Create a visually stunning chat experience with custom backgrounds and grading.

Engage customers

63% of customers are more likely to stay on your website after an engaging chat.

Expand your Network and Explore more with Connects

Connects simplifies customer access with advanced filtration and segmentation.

Learn How Weberr Chat Works

Get connected with your customers through real time chat and messaging. Make your website visitors happy with instant help.

  • Customize chat interface
  • Get instant information on visitor’s details
  • Assign chats to different team members
  • Create Live Chat for instant help
  • Block unwanted disturbance
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Explore all the Features Availablewith Our Chat Solution.

Experience premium features on a customizable live chat and communication platform.

  • Instant
    help desk
  • Tags
  • Chat history
  • Archive chat
  • Track
  • Chat overview
  • Customizable
  • Online/Offline
  • Pre-chat form
  • Proactive chat
  • Personalized communication
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Chat transfer
  • Automated message
  • Trigger messages
  • Integrated live chat session
  • Analytical reporting
  • Visitor information
  • Follow-up
  • Live-chat metrics
  • Block unwanted chats
  • Add leads
    from chats
  • Links, attachments, emojis
  • Multiple chat windows
  • Real time updates
  • A/B testing
  • Secure Encryption
  • Data Security
  • Chatbots
  • Message broadcasting

Unlock your website's capabilities with the help of Weberr Chat.

Experience premium features on a customizable live chat and communication platform.

Build Rapport

Most of the customers build rapport with your brand through chat.

Increase leads and Conversion

With Weberr chat, you can easily capture more leads and turn them into loyal customers.

Pre-chat Forms

Get all the needed customer’s information through pre-chat forms.

Team Work

Assign chats to different teams and connect with larger audience

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