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Take Your Customer Management to the Next Level with Customizable Segmentation & Attributes"

Focus on Activities

Stay on top of your tasks and customer requests with our handy 'To-Do list'.


Improve your business efficiency with Weberr's fast results and easy tracking of activities.

Explore Vast Customer Handling withhassle-free weberr

Track and manage customers, vendors and Individuals communication and information like a Professional

Contact Management From Lead to User

Segmentation and Filter

Categorize leads & users based on their attributes, name, location, email, and time zones.

Manage All your Data in One Page

Export bulk customer data from any system using the CSV export feature.

Differentiate and Customize Your Users

Segmentation & classification make contact management smoother and easier.

Track Your Sales & Service Performance

Managing your deals and tickets becomes easier and simpler via pipelines. Track the growth and progress of your deals and activities with pipeline management.


Add progress to different stages of the pipeline as you move closer to finalizing deals.


Quickly assign, manage, & resolve customer complaints with Weberr's ticket feature.

Track your Daily Activities

Manage and handle all business-related activities with a single click. With Weberr, find a one-stop tracker for all your activities.

Activity allows you to manage your deals, tickets, calls, notes, quotes, and invoices. Track your daily updates and notifications under activity. Assign the task to your team members and wait for the best results.

Do not miss out on any important tasks as the activity list reminds you of your urgent ventures and allows you to adjust them on a priority basis.

Stay on top of
your daily tasks with asimple to-do list.

Organize, collaborate, assign and prioritize your team's tasks easily with your To-do- list.

Your To-do-List provides you with instant and updated information about your deals, customer data, tickets and daily tasks on a priority basis.

Expand your Network and Explore more with Connects

Connects simplifies customer access with advanced filtration and segmentation.

Get Quicker Access to Customer's Data

Segment Feature allows you to organize and sort customers with customization and attribute features

Import bulk Data

Weberr's Contacts feature makes data management simple, efficient, and accessible.

Manage big Data with vast Filter Options

Improve customer service and response time with efficient data classification.

Customer Attribute Search

Enhance customer differentiation with advanced search options and attributes.

Create Custom Segment

Create customized segments for easier access to specific customer data.

Hassle-free closure on your sale deals with Weberr

Finalizing your deals becomes simple with the use of Weberr

Deal Pipelines

Visualize and manage your deals effectively with our pipeline system.


Simplify your commission management with Weberr's easy-to-use system.

Clone Deal

Create duplicate deals quickly and accurately with Connects.

Track your Deal

Improve your sales performance with Weberr's powerful deal tracking feature.

Handle Customer’s Issues Instantly

Elevate your customer service game by prioritizing complaints with service tickets.

Ticket Pipelines

Keep track of service tickets and streamline your support process with pipelines.

Assign Tickets

Delegate service tickets efficiently and improve response time with Weberr.

Auto Archive

Keep your page organized and clutter-free with Weberr's auto archive feature.

Customize pipeline

Build stronger customer relationships with our flexible ticket management system.

Accomplish More Together

Improve team collaboration and efficiency with Weberr's customer data sharing feature.

Assign Contacts

Optimize your workflow and customer service with contact assignment in Weberr.

Add Note

Enhance collaboration and transparency by adding notes to customer interactions.


Improve team accountability & communication with Weberr's Mention feature.

Action List

Keep track of team progress and pending tasks with Weberr's Action List.

Analyze Business Sales Effectiveness with Weberr

Weberr's reports ensure sales forecast accuracy with detailed data presentation.

Sales Tracking

Make informed decisions with real-time data and sales reports from Weberr's CRM.

Analyze Customer’s Behavior with Reports

Get insights into your customers' behavior and needs with Weberr's detailed reports.

Team Performance

Improve team accountability & communication with Weberr's Mention feature.

Problem-detection with reports

Identify customer issues and improve satisfaction with Weberr's ticket reports.

Add your CRM Features with customization facility in Weberr

Customize your filtration and segmentation options in Weberr to suit your preferences.

Customize your Entities

Maximize your sales opportunities by customizing leads and contacts with Weberr.

Differentiate your customers with Attributes

Customize your customer interactions with Weberr's attribute feature.

Manage your Data

Manage your customer data more efficiently with Weberr's customization feature.

Editable Columns

Easily manage large amounts of customer data with Weberr's editable columns.

Get wider customer reach with API on Weberr

Create a more complete picture of your customers with Weberr's data merging capabilities.

Automate your Contacts

Maximize your sales opportunities by customizing leads and contacts with Weberr.


Manage your customer data efficiently with Weberr's API automation feature.


Integrate business information under one roof with Weberr's API.


Efficiently manage customer contacts across multiple platforms with Weberr's API.

Ensure protection of your activities and actions with Weberr

Weberr ensures encrypted data throughout to prevent third-party invasion or threats.

Data Backup

Data on the website is secured with encryption, ensuring third-party privacy protection.

Encrypted Data

Secure your valuable information with Weberr's encrypted data backup.

Cloud-based Software

Integrate business information under one roof with Weberr's API.


Secure your data from threats with strong passwords using Weberr.

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