Drive Customer Engagement with Broadcast Campaigns.

Use our cutting edge and management tools to keep a connection with your customers.

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Improve your Marketing Game with Broadcasting Campaign

Integrating email and SMS campaigns can improve lead generation and conversion rates.


With broadcasting features like personalization, segmentation and targeting, connect more with customers.


With Weberr’s online SMS broadcasting system, improve communication with your customers

Plug And Play Features For Broadcast Email Marketing

  • Reach out to multiple customers simultaneously. Send hundreds of messages to your customers with a single click through email broadcast.
  • Segment your target audience and send the desired message within minutes without any hassle.
  • Get valuable data insights from email broadcasts to understand the customer trends.

Powerful Editor

Modify and add GIFs, images, buttons, links, and the custom user elements in your messages.

Email Template

Choose from our broad selection of eye-catching templates & compose email messages in less than a minute.

Tracking & Report

Keep a track on real-time performance while analyzing the success of your mail campaigns.

Send Test Email

Check how the message that you send will appear on the device of your receipt in real-time.

Personalize Email

Use the known campaigns such as newsletters, welcome mail, triggered-based mail, and transactional emails including bulk SMS marketing.

Scheduled Emails

For a specific time and date schedule an email that works well for holidays, events, birthdays and the sales teams.

Trigger More Awareness with Email Broadcasting

Grab your marketing opportunities with email broadcasting messages to your customers.

Get Our
Email Newsletter Regularly.

One of the widely used email broadcast is Newsletters. There are commonly used to stay pertinent and keep you ahead of all the contacts on your email listing.

Increase Sales Through Strategic Marketing.

Promote your brand and drive sales with personalized broadcast email messages.

  • Create interactive website and let customers make easy purchases.
  • Retain your customer’s attention.
  • Create brand loyalty.

Keep informed with the latest brand updates.

Let your customers know about important updates of your brands like:

  • New Launches.
  • Updates on your team activities
  • Service updates
  • Updates in privacy policies

Reach Customers More Effectively with SMS Broadcast Messaging.

  • Keep constant connection with your customers over texts. Less complicated form of communication with Weberr’s SMS broadcast network system.
  • Grab the attention of your target audience with cutting-edge designs and wordplay of your SMS. SMS are a shorter and easier form of grabbing customer’s attention.
  • Send instant messages or welcome emails to your customers upon signing up on your website.

Customized SMS Features for Easy Set Up

Send the desired content to your customers in a minute with easy customizable SMS features options

Hassle Free Messaging

With the help of in-built GIFs, emojis, and images, businesses can craft creative messages effortlessly

Easier Lead Generation

Automated SMS messaging can save time and resources while still generating leads & increasing conversions.


Get an easy understanding of your customer’s response towards your tests with report analysis and real-time performance data.

Preview your SMS

Get a real time review on how your SMS would appear in other’s phone, and then send them to bulk customers at a time.

Bulk SMS

Offering various texting options through bulk SMS delivery can help businesses cater to different customer preferences.

Scheduled Message

Scheduling SMS messages can help businesses ensure that their message is received and read by the recipient.

Handle bulk SMS campaigns with ease using Weberr's platform.

Send the correct message to your target audience with the help of Weberr’s bulk SMS service portal

Tell Your Brand's Story with Hassle- Free Texting

With hassle-free texting, tell the interesting story of your brand and send the customers bulk SMS without any extra additional charges.

Trigger Sales with Personalized SMS from Weberr

Frame a personal connection with your audience with Weberr’s SMS service portal. Personalize the text as per the likes and dislikes of the customers and frame the necessary bond and trigger your sales.

Stay Connected with Clients through SMS Messaging

Communicate with your customers to build a stable relationship with your customers. Communicate with your customers with SMS and keep a daily connection with them.


Great Email Templates for your design.

Create a stunning website easily with customizable templates

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