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Email Marketing

Advanced lesson on managing a sustainable Email Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Course

Get certified as a marketing automation expert

Marketing Automation

Take your marketing automation skills to the next level with certification.

Landing Page Optimization

Become an expert in Landing Page conversation with our certification program.

Content Marketing

Level up your skills as a content marketing expert with certification.

Inbound Sales

Elevate your Inbound Sales knowledge and credentials with certification.

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For Agency Owners

Agency Tools
  1. Team collaboration
  2. Client management
  3. Weberr certified platform professional
Platform Basics
  1. Getting started with Weberr
  2. Responsive website builder
  3. Widgets and layouts
  4. Going live
  5. Optimize your site for Google's core web vitals
  6. Weberr certified platform specialist
Sales & Marketing
  1. Services packages and offerings
  2. Nailing your ideal customer profile
  3. Sales process
  4. Tailoring your sales pitch
  5. Planning and forecasting
  6. Weberr certified in sales strategies for agencies
  7. Native ecommerce: the basics

For Designer

Design Fundamentals
  1. Intro to web design
  2. Content driven design
  3. Basic design principles
  4. Platform Advanced
Weberr flex
  1. Weberr flex
  2. Implementing your design in the Weberr editor
  3. Weberr certified in web design
  4. Getting started with Weberr
  5. Responsive website builder
  6. Widgets and layouts
  7. Going live
  8. Optimize your site for Google's core web vitals
  9. Weberr certified platform specialist
  10. Intro to Weberr's third party commerce platform
  11. Grow your online sales
  12. Ecommerce best practices
  13. Weberr certified third party ecommerce
  14. Native ecommerce: the basics For Developer

For Developers

Deep Dive
  1. Using Weberr's API
  2. Building custom widgets
  3. Dynamic pages and collections
  4. Weberr certified developer
  5. Native ecommerce: the basics

For Sales & Marketing

Deep Dive
  1. Services packages and offerings
  2. Nailing your ideal customer profile Sales process
  3. Tailoring your sales pitch
  4. Planning and forecasting
  5. Weberr certified in sales strategies for agencies

What will I learn fromthese course?

  • Build traffic and capture quality leads.
  • Use marketing automation to nurture and convert prospects into paying customers.
  • Drive traffic and generate leads with webinars & landing pages.
  • Build, test, and optimize your landing pages for more conversions.
  • Craft the perfect marketing message that gets you noticed.

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