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Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • The Digital Way of Marketing
  • This Is How It's Done
  • Quiz 1
  • Closing and Recap
Digital Marketing Ecosystem
  • Understanding Consumer Behavior
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Quiz 2
  • Digital Marketing ROI
  • Digital Marketing Legal Considerations
  • The TechDiMark
  • Quiz 3
  • Closing and Recap
Digital Marketing System
  • Stages of DMS
  • Building an Effective DMS
  • Activity: Setting Up a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • DMS Best Practices
  • Quiz 4
  • Closing and Recap
Concepts Related to Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per Click Mechanism
  • Conversion Rate-MO
  • Quiz 5
  • Closing and Recap

What will I learn fromthese course?

  • Build traffic and capture quality leads.
  • Use marketing automation to nurture and convert prospects into paying customers.
  • Drive traffic and generate leads with webinars & landing pages.
  • Build, test, and optimize your landing pages for more conversions.
  • Craft the perfect marketing message that gets you noticed.

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