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See your users in action

Friction Scores help you prioritize user experience improvements for maximum impact.

Visualize your user behavior

Track click, scroll, attention, movement, geo, and live views for detailed insights.

Connect with users

Spend more time connecting with users and less time on logistics with our platform.

Optimize Website Performance Using Weberr Heatmaps.

Maximize your website's potential by connecting the dots between user behavior and insights.

Enhance critical conversion funnel stages.

Weberr inventory management software helps businesses cut costs & boost profits.

Investigate each field methodically & individually

Recover unfinished forms and prevent mistakes with form submission analytics.

Trust and love your user & get Feedback from them.

Don’t assume. Just ask. Learn what your users love (or why they leave) with custom-triggered surveys.

Connect and Make Bridge ForYour Clients.

Don’t assume. Just ask. Learn what your users love (or why they leave) with custom-triggered surveys.

Weberr Delivers Unbreakable Security for Enterprise-level Protection.

Trust us to safeguard your users' information with our robust security and privacy protocols.


Anonymized IPs and

Our approach to

CCPA commitment

Spot problems with your customer experience.

Spot problems with your customer experience. See what’s making people bounce before they complete critical actions like signing up or checking out. Discover issues!

Enable cross-functional collaboration through empowerment.

Save time & improve efficiency by using visual data and session recordings in your workflow.


Let user behavior and feedback lead the way to higher ROI for all your campaigns and landing pages.


Solve website frustrations quickly by contextualizing data and test results with replays, feedback, and visualizations.


Optimize functionality with user insights to catch bugs and prioritize feature updates.


Continuously test your entire site to capture reliable user data for informed decisions.


Improve conversion rates by identifying and addressing obstacles to conversion and A/B test results.


Identify high-impact changes by seeing what real site visitors do and which parts of the page they view.

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